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Here is a basic overview of some of the services we offer.  We customize our plans based on the individual clients budget and goals!

Search Engine Optimization

● Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing a website so it appears on PAGE 1 in the search engines (primarily Google) for the search phrases prospects who do NOT know of the website or business use, when searching for the products and services that the business and website attempt to sell.

● These results appear in the organic listings, not the paid listings and not the maps listings.

● So the idea with this is that when people are searching for your products, they find the business we are doing SEO for first and contact you about doing business.

● I.E. In positioning your website on the top of Google for the keywords people use when searching for the your products and services, you will enjoy free targeted traffic from the search engines

● Another part of SEO, often ignored, is optimizing your brand on search engines when people are specifically researching that business. Part of this is reputation management, however SEO itself should help this by providing quality content on business directories and other properties when they directly represent the brand. These elements of SEO should not be inaccurate as this can have a negative impact on this. This is why you are required to quality check these parts of the campaign.

● Traffic from search engines is highly desired as prospects are often in a purchasing frame of mind when searching for what they need. They are in the market to buy when they search for your product. So the conversion process to a lead or sale from search engine traffic is often a lot higher than other forms of interruptive styles of advertising.

● Paid traffic from search engines is also getting more and more expensive. As such, despite the early investment required to position a website well, over time the ROI from SEO traffic can be much higher than that from paid traffic.

SEO Is Working When:

● Success in SEO means the website being SEO’d is ranking well in Google for the keywords being targeted in the campaign. This means at a minimum, most keywords are on page 1 of Google. Many keywords will hopefully also be within the top 3 positions.

● This will be reported on with the monthly SEO Ranking report.

● Typically this will also mean an increase in organic (free), search driven traffic to the website.

● This will be reported on with the monthly traffic reports generated from Google Analytics (assuming access to Google Analytics has been given).

● A successful SEO campaign will also ensure that your business is represented strongly and professionally when people search for the business specifically.

● These are the basics of a reputation management campaign.

● There are many listings for the business in business directories etc, taking most places in Google page 1.

● All entries related to your brand are written professionally and correctly represent the your key messages

Paid Ads

Why Google Ads?

Google Ads is the most powerful advertising platform to boost traffic, collect more leads and increase sales.

Target Potential Audience

Get in front of the potential audience when and where they are actively searching keywords
related to your business.

Achieve Results Fast

Quickly measure everything about your Google Ads. i.e. Advertising costs, Profits, Ad clicks, Website views, Landing page visits, Calls made to your business and any specific action completed via Google Ads within your business site.

Cost Effective & High Return On Investment

Google advertising is low cost compared to other types of marketing. Without a doubt, it is one of the most cost-effective ways to receive a high ROI.

Our Approach to Google Ads Management

Our Google Ads certified team understands what it takes to develop great Google advertising strategy for your business. We highly focus on creating targeted campaigns that are cost-effective
& profitable.

Research & Discover

In the initial stages, we understand and research the client’s business as much as possible, including its complexities, target audience and industry forecast.

Competitive Research

Our experts will analyze your business, its industry and who the different players are in the market that is creating competition. We use industry-leading software SEMrush to research and analyze the digital advertising footprint of your competitor campaigns.

Comprehensive Account Analysis (Only for Running Accounts)

Without an understanding of historical data and competitive analysis in Google Ads management, you can’t drive a campaign to success. The most important asset available to us is your historical account data. Our Google Ads specialists focus on both aspects to meet your advertising needs
and generating maximum results.

Build Strategy & Campaign

Our research and analysis will jointly change into an effective PPC strategy. Our Google Ads specialists draft a complete action plan and strategies that will deliver the best results to achieve your business goals.

Optimize, Grow & Repeat

Campaign Ads will be tested using A/B testing methods to determine which ads lead to the highest clickthrough and conversion rates. Our experts will make sure that your Google Ads campaign is properly optimized to achieve business goals.


Our copywriting service can be used to create a variety of different
types of copy depending or your needs. This includes:

• Normal blog posts (300-350 words)
• Extended Extra Researched blog posts (600-800 words)
• Website content (for single pages or entire websites)
• Proofreading
• Email marketing mailers
• Press releases
• Site descriptions

• All of the copywriting that our team creates is optimized for SEO thanks to the inclusion of keywords and Google best practices.

• Fresh, well written, SEO optimized copy is gobbled up by Google.